Mail server configuration analysis

Mail is one of the basic communication tools of companies. Thats why companies depend on it, so emails need to work well.

Whether you use emails only to communicate with other companies or send newsletters to customers, surely you want the emails to reach the recipients inbox, not fall into< b>SPAM or they were even discarded straight away.

Do you have email on your own domain? Do you want emails not to fall into SPAM?

The analysis includes:

  • Documenting the current state of the mail infrastructure.
  • Verification of access data to DNS.
  • Check email headers.
  • Analysis of settings DKIM.
  • Analysis of settings SPF.
  • Configuration analysis: hostname, reverse PTR, support for SSL/TSL encryption.
  • Checking blacklists
  • Proposal to improve the credibility of emails.
  • Writing and pricing adjustments, which then improve the configuration, will ensure greater credibility and therefore email delivery.

We need for analysis:

  • Email domain.
  • Access your test email account.
  • List of way/places where emails sender.

We need for the possibility of improving the configuration:

  • Mail server access.
  • DNS access.

Price packages Mail server configuration analysis is 121 EUR

Do you want to increase the credibility of emails and thus increase their delivery? Do not hesitate to contact me and I will check your configuration.

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