Installing and managing Linux servers

Information technology enables companies to function effectively in today's modern age.Businesses use a lot of software to work and have a lot of data.

However, every software and data must run on a computer, ideally a server, and the data must be stored on the server. Sometimes these are virtual servers called VPS , but each virtual server must run on a physical server.

All this software and data must be taken care of on an ongoing basis to keep everything running smoothly and without problems. And so the servers need ongoing management and gradual upgrades. Therefore, a good company cannot do without an IT specialist today.

Linux is the standard in servers. It is the most used operating system on servers due to its qualities, which are: performance, scalability, stability and efficient management.

LAMP or Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP is the most common combination of server software that serves as a web server for running web applications.

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Our story

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We supply tailor-made solutions

We prepare custom servers.Installing Linux changes the Debian distribution to virtual (VPS) or physical / dedicated servers.Where the default installation is not sufficient, we optimize the configuration of the system to measure or add additional software to the system.

In case of problems during the application and interactions with the Internet, we analyze the problem and, based on that, suggest possible solutions.

We provide application migration and optimization for the performance of web and database applications.

Custom application development (desktop, web, embedded).

We perform project analysis based on consultations of customer needs.

We provide automatic backup.

We analyze the state of the system and implement mechanisms to increase server security.

People in the team

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Bc. Josef Jebavý

Freelancer, consultant, trainer, programmer, Linux admin

Our Workflow


After establishing contact, we will perform the first evaluation of the task FREE OF CHARGE and send the conclusion by emailthis will ensure that the task is feasible at all, given the technological possibilities and the financial budget.And if the task meets the condition that the task is interesting for us professionally and professionally, we can start a paid cooperation.This is followed by obtaining detailed documents and paid analysis with the execution of assignments and design of the system architecture,implementation plan and indicative (or fixed) pricing.


We carry out the implementation according to the agreed assignment after paying the deposit. In case of any ambiguities or problems, we communicate this newly discovered information with the customer.

We solve things that require the cooperation of the customer with the help of online tools, for example: chat, telephone or screen sharing.


The completed work or task is handed over within the agreed deadline.We will acquaint the customer with the achieved goals of the project, we will train and hand over the prepared documentation. After the commissioning of the project, we perform a post-implementation analysis. According to the agreement, we also provide follow-up support.

Service packages and fixed prices

GitLab server

  • Installing GitLab, which allows you to:
  • Versioning of developed software
  • Continuous Integration
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Management of wiki / project documentation
  • Possibility to order additional training and follow-up support


Virtualization: Proxmox

  • Virtualization streamlines server change management
  • Linux is an ideal tool for running virtual servers and containers
  • Full virtualizationKVM or container LXC
  • Commissioning of Proxmox virtualization software on a physical server
  • Installation and setup
  • Training


Installing OpenVPN

  • Installing VPN - Virtual Privacy Network
  • VPN merges to connect computers
  • which do not have a public IPv4
  • which are behind NATs
  • Allows secure connection.
  • Installation of server parts on a Linux server
  • Installing the client program on a Windows or Linux PC


Automatic supervision

Keep your server and application under control. You will know automatically if the application or server does not run. Our software can automatically check:
  • Server availability
  • Running a web server
  • Proper running of the web application
  • Mail server running
Do you need your own installation of a surveillance solution? I will install Icing.


Email analysis

Do you have email on your own domain? Do you want emails not to fall into SPAM?
  • Analysis of why they fall spam emails.
  • Check email headers.
  • Proposal to improve the credibility of emails.
  • Implement settings to increase email trust.


Email delivery (Newsletter)

  • We will prepare our mail server for sending your mail
  • Setting up a mail server for high mail delivery and not falling into SPAM
  • We will optimally set up DNS domains
  • High delivery to mailboxes
  • Emails do not fall into spam
  • Retrieve recipients from a CSV or database
  • Thousands of emails sent
  • Fast bulk shipping within 24 hours


Backup analysis

Data is the most valuable thing, therefore the backup needs to run properly.
  • Computer / server status analysis
  • Suggestion of possible backup methods


Webhosting on VPS

Do you want to have your own web server?
  • Administration interface
  • Administration interface MySQL/MariaDB
  • SSL support for Apache or NGINX web server installation a Lets Encrypt
  • PHP installation - version according to distribution. Other / additional version PHP5.6, PHP7.0, PHP7.2, PHP7.3, PHP7.4, PHP8.0, PHP8.1, PHP8.2, PHP8.3.
  • phpMyAdmin


VPS: Mail hosting

Do you want to have your own mail server?
  • Administration interface
  • smtp(s)
  • pop3
  • imap(s)
  • webmail (roundcube)

  • details

    Linux on a physical server

    The VPS typically comes with a preinstalled operating system. However, if you have a physical server (baremetal), whether leased or owned, you must first install the operating system.
    It is best to install Linux on a physical server and then install the necessary server applications.
    Professional installation will ensure the correct operating system settings for the hardware.


    Private cloud

    Do you need an online data sharing solution? Do you want to have data under your own control, so on your own server? Get a private cloud.
    With a private cloud, you can conveniently share data between your various devices or users.

    Python webserver

    Python is a scripting language in which you can also develop web applications. However, hosting for these projects is hard to come by. The ideal solution is a custom server, on which a prp environment is prepared to run web applications in the python language, plus other necessary server applications.


    Lets Encrypt configuration

    Using secure communication is a must for private information. In the area of websites, this is the protocol HTTPS. The certificate is then used to verify the authenticity of the website.
    By putting into operation HTTPS and a certificate Lets Encrypt, ensuring security for your visitors, including their data.

    Web display speed test

    Web speed is a fundamental thing that affects the use of the application.
    If the application is displayed to the visitor after a long time, the visitor throws away and buys at another e-shop.
    At the same time, slow stalls evoke unsightly feelings in visitors.
    Verify web page speed and speed up slow pages!

    Web stress test

    Web speed is a fundamental thing that affects the use of the application. If the web server does not manage to handle the requests of users, this is a problem. An even bigger problem occurs in the case of concurrent user accesses, when the web application may stop working or the web server may reject new user requests. Verification of the good functionality of the wevobé application and the web server can be done by a stress test.


    Node.JS server

    JavaScript is being promoted for backend development - NodeJS technology is used for that. If you need your own web-hosting with NodeJS, have a custom Linux server prepared for the operation of NodeJS applications.

    Linux server administration

    Do you have a Linux server? Then it is good to perform its maintenance regularly. Update OS and applications. React in the case of newly created security holes. Solve occasional problems during application.
    Regular administration will ensure that your server is in good condition.

    Web application maintenance

    You've had a bespoke app developed and you realise that without maintenance, the app will become obsolete. Make sure you maintain it regularly.

    Write your request that you need help with.