Icinga - solutions for monitoring the running of servers and applications

Do you run your own applications or servers? How soon will you know there is a problem with the application or server? Only when the customer writes about the problem to you or when you look at the web application once a week yourself. Or after the previous problem, you better run the server / application you control yourself by hand every day?
You can ensure that the application is running and you can sleep safely automatically. Just have surveillance software, which in at regular intervals will be control running a server or application and in case of a problem it will automatically send you an email.

Among the open-source are several options for example Zabbix or Icinga,which is a follow-up surveillance software Nagios.

If you want to have constant supervision over your servers and applications and thus a peaceful sleep, have the surveillance software installed Icinga or I can solve the supervision of your application using my Icingy installation.

What Icinga can do:

  • Monitoring of standard network services: mailserver, webserver, etc. .
  • Hardware monitoring using SNMP protocol.
  • Operating system monitoring: memory usage, CPU load, number of running processes, free disk space.

Price packages Icinga - solutions for monitoring the running of servers and applications is 99 EUR

Do you want to install Icing or be supervised by my instance? Feel free to respond!

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