Installation of mail hosting on the server

ISP Config: interface for managing your own mail server.

Do you have a VPS or dedicated server? Do you want a tool for convenient mailbox management? Software ISP Config They will provide you with modern mail hosting, which will be on your server. You can set up unlimited mailboxes for an unlimited number of domains. Set up digital signing of emails DKIM and spam filters, so that your mail reaches the recipients and incoming SPAM falls into SPAM. You can also access emails via the web interface.

Web hosting with ISPConfig builds on the GNU/Linux OS and thus provides all the capabilities and benefits of Unix systems and the GNU/Linux operating system. It uses technologies that have excellent stability and have been validated by small and large companies such as Google orRadHat.

ISP Config has functions:

  • Web administration interface.
  • SMTP for receiving and sending mail.
  • POP3 for mail download.
  • IMAP for downloading, storing and managing mail.
  • Encrypted connection.
  • Web interface for clipboard management (webmail): Roundcube or Squirrelmail.
  • Mail aliases.
  • Mail forwarding.
  • Tools to increase trust so that emails do not fall into SPAM.
  • SPF
  • DKIM -digital signing of outgoing mail.
  • SPAM filters.

Materials for installation:

  • Server with pre-installed Debian Linux at the latest version.
  • HW requirements: min 4GB RAM.
  • What domain will be for the server?
  • Access information: IPv4 (IPv6), root password.
  • Choosing an Apache2 e or Nginx webserver?
  • What versions of PHP are needed?

Server installation submission:

  • You will receive access information for ISP Config.

More details about the tool ISP Config.

Price packages Installation of mail hosting on the server is 556 EUR

Do you want to install ISP Config to act as a mail server? Or do you just need help with configuration, upgrade or backup? Feel free to respond!

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